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A giant leech, w, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. It is an amphibious, carnivorous and oviparous worm-like monster that is generally found in pools of sewage, and hides within the sewage to surprise unsuspecting prey.

A giant leech has a bite attack that causes the target to become stuck to them.


Giant leeches are not randomly generated, though they are a valid form for normal polymorph.

Several giant leeches are generated in levels with raw sewage at level creation, which typically only occurs rarely in the Gnomish Mines.

Encyclopedia entry

The commonest leeches in these hills are slender brown ones,
like bits of dark whipcord when empty, but rapidly "swelling
visibly" under the influence of draughts of blood into glossy
black sausages, resembling well-fed garden-slugs. A very brief
visit to their domains at a time of year when the local conditions
favour their activity will suffice to secure an unpleasant
familiarity with their appearance, manners, and customs; for,
should any brief halt be made on the moist and mossy surfaces of
the stones marking the line of what is supposed to represent a
path, they are almost sure to attract attention as they come
eagerly trooping inwards from all quarters and converge upon their
prey; and, unless he have skillfully protected himself, the wayfarer
is almost certain to end his day's march bearing a burden of clammy,
black vampires, hanging in wreaths around his ankles and occupying
scattered outpost all along the course of his legs.
[ Plagues and Pleasures of Life in Bengal, by David D. Cunningham ]

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