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Sliming is the process of a character turning into green slime as the result of either the slime's touch attack (1d4 chance), using a biting attack against the slime, engulfing it, or eating a glob of it. It is shown as Slime in the status line. The process is fatal for you, but other monsters, when afflicted, can live on as a green slime. It is a slow process - you will have nine turns to take action against it if it is induced by the slime's attack or by you biting it, and four turns if you have engulfed a slime.


There is no specific, intrinsic resistance to sliming. The only ways to gain resistance are to wear an amulet of unchanging or to polymorph into a green slime or a fiery monster. The good news is that the Wizard of Yendor and the Endgame Riders are not immune, either.


Being slimed ends your game after nine turns; however, if you act in time you can cure the condition:

  • Burn away the slime: Either by being hit by a fire-based attack, such as zapping yourself with a wand of fire or reading a scroll of fire, throwing a lit potion of oil up, or by polymorphing into a fiery monster (specifically a fire vortex, flaming sphere, fire elemental, or salamander[1]). You can also throw upwards (<) a weapon that inflicts fire damage, such as Fire Brand.
  • Casting cure sickness causes the slime to disappear
  • So does #invoking the Staff of Aesculapius
  • Prayer is also effective at removing slime (assuming you are not in Gehennom, their native environment)
  • An amulet of life saving will save you from the end result
  • An amulet of unchanging will immediately abort the sliming process
  • Controlled polymorph into a green slime will save you, as inconsistent as this may seem. However, if you have controlled polymorph, it is far better to polymorph into a fiery monster, since you will be immune to subsequent sliming attacks, and pretty much any fiery monster is a better fighting form. A salamander is probably the best choice, since it is the only fiery monster with eyes, and can also wear all armor except boots. Fire vortices are also a good option: although blind, they are extremely fast and can pick up items.

Bones level

If you die to a sliming attack and are on an eligible bones level, rather than leaving a ghost you will appear as a green slime.


Message Turns to live
"You don't feel very well." 9
"You are turning a little green." 8
"Your limbs are getting oozy." 6
"Your skin begins to peel away." 4
"You are turning into a green slime." 2
"You have become a green slime." 0

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