Crystal chest

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Name crystal chest
Appearance crystal chest
Base price 20 zm
Weight 500
Material gemstone
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A crystal chest is a type of tool that appears in EvilHack. It is a magical container that is made of gemstone.


In addition to randomly generating very rarely, several crystal chests can be found at preset locations around the dungeon and its branches:

  • The Ice Queen's Realm generates a crystal chest in a random location on the first floor. On the last floor, four crystal chests are placed within the corners of the castle room containing Kathryn the Ice Queen, with a fifth in the small room where the pegasus is held:
  • The Hidden Dungeon generates a crystal chest on Tal'Gaths square in the northwestern-most corner. The chest contains two random potions, a random scroll, a random spellbook, a random amulet, two random rings, and a 320 chance of a magic marker.
  • The last floor of Vecna's Domain has a crystal chest situated behind the throne where Vecna himself resides. This chest contains 20000 zorkmids, four uncursed gems, two uncursed scrolls, one blessed scroll, a single ring of each beatitude, an uncursed amulet, a blessed amulet, a cursed potion, a blessed potion, three uncursed spellbooks, one cursed spellbook, one blessed spellbook, and a 15 chance of a magic marker.

Crystal chests do not generate as trapped like other containers.


The crystal chest can only be locked or unlocked by magical means, preventing intelligent monsters from looting them, and is immune to other forms of magic. The following items and spells are capable of (un)locking a crystal chest:


The crystal chest is the most ideal container to use as a stash for characters along with the magic chest: it lacks the ability to access its contents from multiple locations, but cannot be canceled, teleported or polymorphed, and cannot be unlocked by intelligent monsters with a magic key like the magic chest can. Its magic immunity also makes it immune to a wand of probing, which can be slightly inconvenient.

Encyclopedia entry

Dantes rapidly cleared away the earth around the chest. Soon
the center lock appeared, then the handles at each end, all
delicately wrought in the manner of that period when art made
precious even the basest of metals. He took the chest by the
two handles and tried to lift it, but it was impossible. He
tried to open it; it was locked. He inserted the sharp end
of his pickaxe between the chest and the lid and pushed down
on the handle. The lid creaked, then flew open.
Dantes was seized with a sort of giddy fever. He cocked his
gun and placed it beside him. The he closed his eyes like a
child, opened them and stood dumbfounded.
The chest was divided into three compartments. In the first
were shining gold coins. In the second, unpolished gold
ingots packed in orderly stacks. From the third compartment,
which was half full, Dantes picked up handfuls of diamonds,
pearls and rubies. As they fell through his fingers in a
glittering cascade, they gave forth the sound of hail beating
against the windowpanes.

[ The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas ]