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Tal'Gath, e, is a unique monster that appears in EvilHack. Tal'Gath is a huge, strong and powerful beholder that can fly, see invisible, has infravision, can be seen via infravision, and will pick up gold, gems and magical items. Tal'Gath is a prince to all beholders, and while it is alive they cannot be targeted for genocide.

Tal'Gath has a slowing gaze attack, a disintegration gaze, a stoning gaze, a canceling gaze, the ability to cast magic missile, and a powerful bite attack. Tal'Gath possesses cold resistance, disintegration resistance, shock resistance, poison resistance, stoning resistance, and magic resistance.

Eating Tal'Gath's corpse or tin conveys 12 additional poison resistance and disintegration resistance.


Tal'Gath is always generated hostile.

Tal'Gath is found meditating within the Hidden Dungeon, a one-level side branch accessed via a magic portal in the Valley of the Dead.


Tal'Gath's multiple gaze attacks make fighting it without a means of blinding yourself (e.g. a towel or blindfold) very unwise, but this is almost never a concern for a character that can access the Hidden Dungeon. Though Tal'Gath has an extremely damaging bite attack and can cast magic missiles, it is skittish, and the open layout of the area offers many escape routes for it. The magic missile attack is the main danger, since it will use the spell often while retreating: a source of both reflection and magic resistance will negate enough damage from the rays for it to be of little threat to the player.

The area around Tal'Gath is filled with sewage, which will slow your movements. Flying, levitation, water walking, being a tortle, or wearing blue or white-dragon-scaled armor will negate this. Failing that, cold rays can freeze the sewage, and fire can burn it away. If you do not have the means to deal with the sewage, you may have to trap Tal'Gath, such as with boulders or sessile monsters. Only do so as a last resort, as if it has nowhere to run you will be subject not only to its magic missile attack, but also to its powerful bite.


Tal'Gath, also known as Tal'Gath the Watcher and Tal'Gath the Undying, is a beholder from Dungeons & Dragons.


While Tal'gath is alive, on the current level and not meditating, it will utter maledictions at you:

Puny creature! Bow before my might.
Look into my eyes, if you dare.
Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.