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Pegasus is a monster that was first added in SLASH'EM, and also appears in EvilHack.


In SLASH'EM, the peaceful Pegasus will appear when Medusa is killed in such a way that leaves a corpse; stoning her with her own reflection will not leave a corpse and thus not create Pegasus. Interestingly, while Pegasus is flagged as a unique monster, Medusa can be revived with turn undead and killed again, creating another Pegasus.

In EvilHack, Pegasus is instead found at the end of the Ice Queen's Realm, being held captive by Kathryn the Ice Queen. While not flagged as unique, this is the only Pegasus that appears in the game.



Pegasus can fly, has very high speed (the same as a warhorse), and has a decent level, making it an excellent mount. Pegasus is always created peaceful, making it simple to tame if one can cast charm monster.

Like a ki-rin, Pegasus does not eat and thus can go feral when mounted by any role other than a knight; unlike a ki-rin, he cannot wear amulets such as the amulet of reflection. A Yeoman can use the calm steed technique to increase Pegasus' tameness after each mount in SLASH'EM variants where this technique is functional.

Pegasus will always leave a corpse, provided he isn't disintegrated or killed over lava, providing ample opportunity to revive him.


Pegasus is a somewhst minor figure in the myth of Medusa and Perseus; he sprang from Medusa's blood after Perseus decapitated her in most versions, reflected by his generation method in SLASH'EM. In EvilHack, there is a crystal chest nearby containing the Bag of the Hesperides, further alluding to the myth.