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Calm steed is a technique in SLASH'EM for Yeomen. The name and messages imply the ability to make a steed more tame, however due to what is likely a bug, the technique has no effect[1]. Using the technique will set the timeout to 500-1499 turns.

In Slash'EM Extended, the bug has been fixed and the technique adds a random amount of tameness points to the player's steed. A higher technique level increases the average amount of points gained; however, the tameness score can't exceed 20.


Foo gets tamer
You used the technique while riding a steed.
Your technique is only effective when riding a monster.
You used the technique while not riding anything


  1. tech.c in SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2, line 750 The technique simply calls tamedog with no object. This has no effect on an already tame monster