The Mitre of Holiness

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[   The Mitre of Holiness   Etched helmet.png
Base item helm of brilliance
When carried
When worn
  • half damage from
    undead and demons
  • protection (+1 to MC up to MC3)
When invoked
Base price 2000 zm
Weight 40

The Mitre of Holiness is the priest quest artifact. It is the prize for completing the priest quest. It is lawful for wishing purposes. Its base item type is a helm of brilliance. Like any other helm of brilliance, the Mitre of Holiness increases wisdom and intelligence by its enchantment number when worn.

When carried, the Mitre of Holiness confers fire resistance. When worn, it provides extrinsic protection, augmenting your magic cancellation as a ring of protection, but not cumulative with one. If the wearer is a priest, he or she also takes half damage from all undead monsters: L, M, V, W, Z, ghosts and shades, and all demons except for the Riders, djinn and sandestins. (The latter property does not stack with other half physical damage sources.[1])

When invoked, you get an energy boost. This gives you half the extra energy you would need to get to full energy. It will not give you more than 120 energy in one go, and if it would have given you less than 12 energy, it refills your energy instead.[2]

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Nethack 3.4.3

In version 3.4.3, which most known Nethack variants are currently based upon, The Mitre of Holiness does not provide protection.