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Nalzok, &, is the Priest quest nemesis. He is almost identical to the Archeologist quest nemesis. The only differences are his stronger chaotic alignment (which means that chaotic Priests will get a smaller alignment record bonus from killing him than cross-aligned Priests will) and his slightly higher MR. As a major demon, Nalzok hates silver and respects Elbereth.


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Since Nalzok is almost identical to the Archeologist quest nemesis, some of the strategies that apply there will also apply to him. Since he is a demon, wielding a blessed silver weapon is very effective.

Not only is he capable of summoning nasties, but he also does the "teleport away" defense, like demon lords in Gehennom and other quest nemeses. If you are prepared with decent armor (around AC −15) and a good weapon, you should engage him, then go stand on the up staircase. Elbereth or a scroll of scare monster may also come in handy.

Encyclopedia entry

Nalzok is Moloch's cunning and unfailingly loyal battle
lieutenant, to whom he trusts the command of warfare when he
does not wish to exercise it himself. Nalzok is a major
demon, known to command the undead. He is hungry for power,
and secretly covets Moloch's position. Moloch doesn't trust
him, but, trusting his own power enough, chooses to allow
Nalzok his position because he is useful.

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