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The Minion of Huhetotl, &, is the Archeologist quest nemesis.


Since he is a demon, wielding a blessed silver saber is very effective. Since he is Large, a dwarvish mattock is also effective.

Not only is he surrounded by various monsters in his temple and capable of summoning more, but he also does the "teleport away" defense, like demon lords in Gehennom and other Quest nemeses. If you can go toe-to-toe with him (which, by level 14, you should have decent armor AC -15 and one of the weapons listed above) you should engage him, then go stand on the up staircase. Elbereth may also come in handy.

Annoyingly he can cast the curse items spell - without magic resistance that can be very severe (1d6 items). And you probably don't have magic resistance since you most likely are doing the quest to get magic resistance from the Orb of Detection. You can mitigate this with the usual ways of dealing with the spell. Keep in mind that a cursed dwarvish mattock leaves you without the use of your hands. In 3.6.0, consider using a scroll of scare monster, as other melee-range spells he can cast such as drain strength and destroy armor are also particularly undesirable, and Elbereth is much less effective.

Encyclopedia entry

Huehueteotl, or Huhetotl, which means Old God, was the Aztec
(classical Mesoamerican) god of fire. He is generally
associated with paternalism and one of the group classed
as the Xiuhtecuhtli complex. He is known to send his
minions to wreak havoc upon ordinary humans.

[ after the Encyclopedia of Gods, by Michael Jordan ]
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