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In NetHack, Huhetotl is the chaotic god of the Archeologist pantheon.

A major demon called the Minion of Huhetotl serves as the nemesis of the Archeologist quest.


Huehueteotl (also Huehuetéotl or Ueueteotl) is a Mesoamerican deity that exists in the pantheons of pre-Columbian cultures, particularly the Aztecs and other civilizations of the Central Mexico region - the name stems from Nahuatl huēhueh [ˈweːweʔ] ("old") and teōtl [ˈteoːt͡ɬ] ("god"). Images and iconography depicting Huehueteotl have been found at other archaeological sites across Mesoamerica, such as the Gulf region, western Mexico, protoclassic-era sites in the Guatemalan highlands, and late-postclassic sites on the northern Yucatán Peninsula.

Huehueteotl is frequently considered to overlap with (or be another aspect of) Xiuhtecuhtli, a central Mexican/Aztec deity associated with fire: the Florentine Codex identifies Huehueteotl as an alternative epithet for Xiutecuhtli, and consequently that deity is sometimes referred to as Xiutecuhtli-Huehueteotl. However, Huehueteotl is characteristically depicted as an aged or even decrepit being, often with a beard, whereas Xiutecuhtli's appearance is much more youthful and vigorous, in line with his association with rulership and youthful warriors.



In dNetHack and notdNetHack, Huhetotl is an unholy chaotic god, and his minions consist of standard chaotic demons: manes, quasits, vrocks, hezrou, nalfeshnees, mariliths, and balrogs. His crowning gift is The Tecpatl of Huhetotl, a chaotic bone tecpatl that has +1d5 to-hit. The Tecpatl of Huhetotl has a base +1d8 damage bonus and +1d4 unholy damage bonus, along with an additional +2d4 unholy damage if cursed, and deals a further +2d4 damage against monsters that have blood - killing a monster with this bonus damage reduces the character's prayer timeout and decreases their god's anger as if they sacrificed the monster's corpse; additional effects such as luck changes do not occur.

Encyclopedia entry

Both "Huhetotl" and the alternate spelling "Huehuetotl" return this entry:

Huehuetotl, or Huhetotl, which means Old God, was the Aztec
(classical Mesoamerican) god of fire. He is generally
associated with paternalism and one of the group classed
as the Xiuhtecuhtli complex. He is known to send his
minions to wreak havoc upon ordinary humans.

[ after the Encyclopedia of Gods, by Michael Jordan ]