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The marilith, &, is a major demon that appears in NetHack. They can deal damage extremely quickly, because they possess six attacks per move; mariliths have two weapon attacks and four 2d4 claw attacks. Mariliths do not wield two weapons; rather, the two attacks are performed with its primary weapon, and followed by the claw attacks.


Like most demons, the marilith is normally only generated in Gehennom, but is also a valid form for polymorph traps; thus, it may be seen in other branches of the dungeon. Mariliths are also eligible for being gated in by other major demons.


Mariliths are interesting choices as pets or even as a self-polymorph target, especially with their execellent natural AC and a highly enchanted and/or powerful artifact weapon in the primary slot; a pet marilith is intelligent and will not wield a cross-aligned artifact weapon or anything made of silver.

Note that polymorphing into a marilith will break worn armor; mariliths cannot wear boots, shirts or body armor. Fortunately, on top of their AC, they can also #twoweapon.


Mariliths originate from Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike their NetHack counterparts, D&D mariliths can wield six weapons simultaneously.

Encyclopedia entry

The marilith has a torso shaped like that of a human female,
and the lower body of a great snake. It has multiple arms,
and can freely attack with all of them. Since it is
intelligent enough to use weapons, this means it can cause
great damage.