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A snow golem, ', is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. It is a strong type of golem that can pick up items.

A snow golem has a cold breath attack, a snowball-firing attack, and a very strong claw attack that can inflict knockback.


Snow golems are not randomly generated in Gehennom, and are always created hostile.

In the Ice Queen's Realm, a snow golem is generated on the topmost floor in front of the down stair at level creation, and two snow golems are generated in the foyer of the castle on the lowest floor at level creation. Kathryn the Ice Queen can also summon snow golems via the summon minion monster spell.

Snow golems never leave a corpse upon death, like most golems.

Encyclopedia entry

"The original story harks back, so they say, to the sixteenth
century. Using long-lost formulas from the Kabbala, a rabbi is
said to have made an artificial man -- the so-called Golem -- to
help ring the bells in the Synagogue and for all kinds of other
menial work.
"But he hadn't made a full man, and it was animated by some sort
of vegetable half-life. What life it had, too, so the story
runs, was only derived from the magic charm placed behind its
teeth each day, that drew down to itself what was known as the
`free sidereal strength of the universe.'
"One evening, before evening prayers, the rabbi forgot to take
the charm out of the Golem's mouth, and it fell into a frenzy.
It raged through the dark streets, smashing everything in its
path, until the rabbi caught up with it, removed the charm, and
destroyed it. Then the Golem collapsed, lifeless. All that was
left of it was a small clay image, which you can still see in
the Old Synagogue." ...
[ The Golem, by Gustav Meyrink ]

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