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A revenant, Z, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. The revenant is a type of undead that is the strongest monster of the zombie monster class.

A revenant has a weapon attack and a paralyzing touch, and possesses cold resistance, sleep resistance, poison resistance, drain resistance, stoning resistance, and a vulnerability to fire damage.

Chatting to a revenant will freeze the character in place for a few turns, ignoring free action as with the skeleton.


Revenants are always generated hostile, and will never be generated randomly in Gehennom.

A trio of revenants are generated near the up stair on the second floor of the Ice Queen's Realm at level creation. Four revenants are generated on the second level of Vecna's Domain at level creation, and twelve are generated on the third level at level creation.

A character killed by any type of lich will arise as a revenant instead of a ghost if a bones file is created - characters that die this way have a small chance of being able to continue play as a revenant with intrinsic unchanging.

Encyclopedia entry

Will rose. Ser Waymar Royce stood over him. His fine clothes were
a tatter, his face a ruin. A shard from his sword transfixed the
blind white pupil of his left eye. The right eye was open. The pupil
burned blue. It saw. The broken sword fell from nerveless fingers.
Will closed his eyes to pray. Long, elegant hands brushed his cheek,
then tightened around his throat. They were gloved in the finest
moleskin and sticky with blood, yet the touch was icy cold.
[ A Game of Thrones, by George R. R. Martin ]

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