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)   Dirge   Long sword.png
Base item long sword
Damage vs. small 1d8 x2
Damage vs. large 1d12 x2
To-hit bonus +1d5
Bonus versus not poison resistant
Weapon skill long sword
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded
When invoked


Base price 3000 zm
Weight 40
Material iron

Dirge is an intelligent artifact weapon that appears in SporkHack, EvilHack and Hack'EM. It is chaotic-aligned, and its base item is a long sword.


Chaotic knights who sacrifice a member of their own race on a chaotic altar while wielding a long sword will have it turned into Dirge. It can also be given to chaotic characters as a sacrifice gift.


In EvilHack, the sword a chaotic Knight uses to create Dirge can be a normal long sword, elven long sword, or orcish long sword - it will always be converted to a normal mithril long sword with all object properties will be removed, and the sword will be blessed, repaired, and erodeproofed, with its enchantment set to +0 if it was negative. The character must also be in good standing (alignment record above 0 and deity not angry) and permanently chaotic - a helm of opposite alignment will not work.



Dirge has +5 to-hit and is permanently poisoned: it deals an extra 1d6 of damage as all poisoned weapons do, but also doubles the base and enchantment damage against non-poison resistant monsters, resulting in incredible amounts of damage versus the right targets.

Average damage calculation

The average damage calculations in the following table do not include bonuses from weapon skills, strength, or from using a blessed weapon against undead or demons. It also does not include the 110 chance of instantly killing non-poison resistant monsters.

When fully enchanted, to non-poison resistant creatures it deals almost as much damage as a fully enchanted Graywswandir versus silver-hating creatures.

Weapon Poison-resistant Not poison-resistant
Small monster Large monster Small monster Large monster
+0 Dirge \frac{1+8}{2}=\bold{4.5} \frac{1+12}{2}=\bold{6.5} \left (\frac{1+8}{2} \right )\times 2+3.5=\bold{12.5} \left (\frac{1+12}{2} \right )\times 2+3.5=\bold{16.5}
+7 Dirge \frac{1+8}{2}+7=\bold{11.5} \frac{1+12}{2}+7=\bold{13.5} \left (\frac{1+8}{2}+7\right )\times 2+3.5=\bold{26.5} \left (\frac{1+12}{2}+7\right )\times 2+3.5=\bold{30.5}


In EvilHack, Dirge is now acidic instead of poisonous, and is made of mithril. It trades the ability to instantly kill monsters for the ability to deal double acid damage versus non-acid resistant monsters, and also grants acid resistance when wielded.