Dark elven gloves

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dark elven gloves
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 2
Special (none)
Base price 20 zm
Weight 3
Material spider silk

Dark elven gloves are a type of gloves that appear in EvilHack. They are made of spider silk, and have a randomized appearance when unidentified.


Drow characters start the game with knowledge of the dark elven gloves' random appearance. Drow Knights and Monks start the game with dark elven gloves.

Drow mercenaries have a 23 chance of generating with dark elven gloves that count for 1 point of their target generation AC, while other non-undead drow have a 16 chance of generating with dark elven gloves.


While worn, dark elven gloves grant 2 base AC. Drow gain a bonus point of AC while wearing dark elven gloves, and can safely enchant them to +7.

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