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The weredemon, &, is a monster that appears in EvilHack. It is a former lesser demon that has been infected by a werewolf, and is the most powerful of the lycanthropes present in the game. They are able to shift into a hell hound-form, d, and can summon actual hell hounds and/or other demons to help them. Like all other lycanthropes, they can infect others with their bite.


Weredemons are the only demon-class monster that can spawn outside of Gehennom.

Encyclopedia Entry

In 1573, the Parliament of Dole published a decree, permitting the inhabitants of the Franche-Comte to pursue and kill a were-wolf or loup-garou, which infested that province, "notwithstanding the existing laws concerning the chase." The people were empowered to "assemble with javelins, halberds, pikes, arquebuses and clubs, to hunt and pursue the said were-wolf in all places where they could find it, and to take, burn, and kill it, without incurring any fine or other penalty." The hunt seems to have been successful, if we may judge from the fact that the same tribunal in the following year condemned to be burned a man named Giles Garnier, who ran on all fours in the forest and fields and devoured little children, "even on Friday." The poor lycanthrope, it appears, had as slight respect for ecclesiastical feasts as the French pig, which was not restrained by any feeling of piety from eating infants on a fast day.
[ The History of Vampires, by Dudley Wright ]

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