The Crossbow of Carl

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Base item crossbow
Damage vs. small 1d2 +1d6
Damage vs. large 1d2 +1d6
To-hit bonus +1d5
Bonus versus (any)
Weapon skill crossbow
Size one-handed
When carried
When wielded
When invoked
Base price 4000 zm
Weight 30
Material wood

The Crossbow of Carl is the Gnomish Ranger quest artifact in EvilHack. It is the prize given for completing the Ranger quest in place of The Longbow of Diana, and is chaotic for wishing purposes. Its base item type is a bow.

The Crossbow of Carl has almost the exact same traits as the Longbow of Diana: when carried, it confers telepathy; when wielded, it confers reflection and grants a +d5 to-hit bonus and +d6 damage bonus to crossbow bolts fired from it; and invoking the Crossbow creates bolts with the same beatitude as the bow, with a small chance of producing poisoned bolts. As with the Longbow, beatitude also influences the amount of bolts created with each invoke, with a blessed Crossbow creating more bolts and a cursed Crossbow creating fewer.


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