Ring of stealth

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Name stealth
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 3
Probability out of rings 3.57%
Probability out of items in:
containers Rogue level Gehennom Elsewhere
0.179% 0.179% 0.286% 0.107%

Wearing a ring of stealth gives you extrinsic stealth. If you are polymorphed into a creature that is capable of eating jewelry and the ring is of suitable material, you may eat this ring and may gain stealth as an intrinsic.

In previous versions of NetHack, putting on a ring of stealth did not give any special message to indicate that you gained stealth (unlike elven boots or elven cloak), making it more difficult to identify. This is no longer true since NetHack 3.6.0, where a ring of stealth will behave in exactly the same way as elven gear in this regard.


You move very quietly.
You put on a ring of stealth, and didn't already have stealth. (The ring is auto-identified.)
You sure are noisy.
You removed your ring of stealth, and didn't have any other source of stealth. (The ring is auto-identified.)
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