Dark elven bracers

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Appearance etched bracers
Slot shield
AC 2
Special (none)
Base price 30 zm
Weight 25
Material adamantine

Dark elven bracers are a type of shield that appears in EvilHack. They are bracers that are made of adamantine, and appear as etched bracers when unidentified.


Drow characters start the game with knowledge of dark elven bracers. Drow Knights and Priests start with dark elven bracers.

Drow mercenaries have a 12 chance of generating with dark elven bracers that count for 2 points of their target generation AC, and drow aligned priests and high priests always generate with dark elven bracers. Drow clerics have a 34 chance of generating with dark elven bracers, and other non-undead drow have a 38 chance of generating with dark elven bracers, with the exception of drow mages.

Dark elven bracers can be created at a forge by combining a dark elven dagger and a dark elven mace while the forge is darkened.


While worn, dark elven bracers grant 2 base AC - drow gain a bonus point of AC while wearing dark elven bracers, and can safely enchant them to +7. As bracers, they allow twoweaponing and do not suppress the extra attack of characters that are at Grand Master skill in martial arts, but do not grant bonus AC or extra attacks dependent on the character's shield skill like other shields. Bracers are considered to be a non-bulky shield akin to the small shield for spellcasting purposes; due to a possible oversight, they also reduce to-hit for Monks as other shields do.

Dark elven bracers can be combined with a dark elven heavy mace at a forge while its square is darkened to create dark elven chain mail.

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