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NetHack Scoreboard is a website available at that aggregates statistical data from several public NetHack and variant servers. The website currently offers lists of recent games, ascended games, streaks, best conduct games and z-score rankings (including multi-variant z-score table) and also individual player pages. All of the pages can be viewed either by individual variant or aggregated from all variants.

Per-player data is aggregated by player name. Players who use different accounts on different servers will not have their stats combined into a single page. Experimental player name mapping feature is available on request.

Supported NetHack variants

The following variants are currently supported and/or tracked:

Aggregated Public Servers

The following servers' data is being aggregated:

These servers are no longer in service, but information on their games is retained in the NetHack Scoreboard:

  • (only AceHack, vanilla log moved to

Alternative /dev/null/nethack Tournament Statistics

NetHack Scoreboard also contains alternative statistics for the annual /dev/null/nethack tournament, available at