Iron safe

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Name iron safe
Appearance iron safe
Base price 50 zm
Weight 900
Material iron
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

An iron safe is a type of tool that appears in SporkHack, UnNetHack, DynaHack, EvilHack, and Hack'EM. It is a lockable container that is naturally made of iron.



In UnNetHack, the first map for the top floor of the Ruins of Moria generates a pair of iron safes in the altar room at level creation, while the second map for the floor has a 34 chance of generating each safe at level creation.


In EvilHack, throne rooms deeper in the dungeon may have an iron safe rather than a chest.

The throne room of Croesus in Fort Ludios will always generate an iron safe.

The middle floor of Vecna's Domain generates an iron safe next to the down stair at level creation, and the last floor contains an iron safe in the hidden storeroom within the building where Vecna resides.


In Hack'EM, throne rooms deeper in the dungeon may have an iron safe rather than a chest.


Like other containers, iron safes can be used to store items - unlike other lockable containers, an iron safe can only be unlocked normally by applying a stethoscope downward while on its square, zapping a wand of opening at it, or casting the spell of knock at it; it can also only be locked again by zapping a wand of locking or casting the wizard lock spell at it.

In EvilHack, kicking an iron safe will print a message with no other effect.


An iron safe is generally more secure than most other containers, with the only threat to its contents being a roaming metallivore. In EvilHack and Hack'EM, monsters can also open containers and use keys on large boxes and chests, but they will not be able to unlock a locked safe.


You kicked an iron safe.