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The wumpus, q, is a monster that appears in NetHack.


The wumpus is randomly generated at a relatively rare rate, though not nearly as rare as other monsters.

Wumpuses generated at level creation have a 45 chance of being asleep; any wumpuses generated after level creation after you have picked up the Amulet of Yendor will always generate awake.[1]

The Ranger quest locate level will always generate a wumpus on the downstairs.


The wumpus is very slow, but has a strong bite attack and can cling to ceilings, allowing it to generate over and move past moats without drowning or being relocated. Even so, its sluggish movement makes it an easy target for any player with good kiting or ranged attacks at their disposal, and it has no resistances whatsoever to boot.

While not particularly desirable as a pet due to its extremely low speed, the wumpus's clinging ability allows you to ride a pet wumpus over water.


This monster is derived from the early text adventure game Hunt the Wumpus; the Ranger quest locate level that it appears in is an homage to the game.

Encyclopedia entry

The Wumpus, by the way, is not bothered by the hazards since he has sucker feet and is too big for a bat to lift. If you try to shoot him and miss, there's also a chance that he'll up and move himself into another cave, though by nature the Wumpus is a sedentary creature.

[ wump (6) -- "Hunt the Wumpus" ]