Gauntlets of protection

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gauntlets of protection
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 2
Base price 60 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

Gauntlets of protection are gloves that appear in EvilHack. Their base material is cloth, and they grant a +2 AC bonus and MC3 when worn, in addition to their material's AC adjustment; they have a randomized appearance, and the default one associated with them is a pair of boxing gloves.[1]


Giant Infidels start the game with cursed fireproof +0 gauntlets of protection, roughly equivalent to the role's standard cloak of protection.[2]

The Sokoban prize armor has an equal chance to be gauntlets of protection or a helm of speed.

Giant aligned priests have a 221 chance to generate wearing gauntlets of protection, the same as the chance for other aligned priests to generate with a cloak of protection.[3] Giant Infidel player monsters will generate with gauntlets of protection, and other player monsters created at level 20 or higher, including giants, may generate with gauntlets of protection.[4][5][6]


One primary use of the gauntlets of protection is to provide a reliable source of MC3 for giants and tortles, whose bodies are too large to wear a cloak of protection. Non-illithid players using a source of reflection besdies Dragonbane and/or forgoing gauntlets of power can use these gloves to maximize protection and keep the cloak slot open, e.g. for a robe or cloak of magic resistance.


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