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Grass, ,, is a terrain type that occurs in some variants of NetHack. It appears in dNetHack, xNetHack, notdNetHack, SpliceHack, SpliceHack-Rewrite and Hack'EM.


In xNetHack, grass can be used as a hiding spot by monsters such as garter snakes and cave spiders; any source of fire will burn away grass on affected squares, turning it into normal floor. Grass is otherwise similar to the usual floor squares.


In dNetHack, grass prevents engraving on it with soft objects, and fiery rays and explosions will burn away grass squares, turning them into soil squares. Polearms and other items that can be applied like polearms (e.g. lances and shepherd's crooks) are meant to be able to cut grass; the feature is currently bugged.

Players with the martial arts skill that are not wearing boots have improved power regeneration while standing on grass, even if they are polymorphed into another form; tame herbivores can gain nutrition from eating grass.

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