Potion of hallucination

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! Pink potion.png
Name hallucination
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of hallucination is a type of potion that appears in NetHack.


Main article: Hallucination

Quaffing the potion causes hallucination, with the duration dependent on the potion's beatitude: blessed potions cause you to hallucinate for 300–499 turns, uncursed potions cause hallucination for 600–799 turns, and cursed potions cause hallucination for 900–1099 turns.[1] Dipping a unicorn horn into a potion of hallucination turns it into uncursed water.[2]

Inhaling vapors from this potion is harmless, only printing a message and then prompting you to type-name the potion.[3]

Hallucination resistance, which is only granted by wielding Grayswandir, suppresses the effects of hallucination instead of blocking or curing it outright.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Drinking a non-cursed potion of hallucination may now give enlightenment; wielding Grayswandir also blocks this effect. The chance of gaining enlightenment is 49 for a blessed potion and 16 for an uncursed potion; this also exercises wisdom.


Potions of hallucination tend to have relatively few uses, as there are more reliable ways to confuse hostile monsters, and there are even fewer benefits to quaffing them directly - as such they are generally considered prime candidates for dilution. However, there is one possible use for a potion outside of this: hallucinating while being hit by a touch of death prevents it from killing you. This may make a potion of hallucination a life saver against a vicious hostile spellcaster if you have not yet procured magic resistance.


The potion of hallucination first appears in NetHack 1.3d.


Oh wow! Everything <looks/feels> so cosmic!
You are hallucinating - "feels" is used if you are also blind at the time.
You have a momentary vision.
You inhaled vapors from a broken potion of hallucination.



In SLASH'EM and its variants, hallucination also distorts items you are standing on as well as your inventory, which makes randomly quaffing potions far more hazardous; additionally, it is still only a minor problem in the eyes of your deity, so be sure to have the inventory letter of your remedy memorized. In addition to unicorn horns, applying medical kits can also cure hallucination.

The potion is also given a less fringe benefit: asking a shopkeeper to uncurse an item while hallucinating has a chance of blessing it instead, providing a means of doing so without breaking atheist conduct.

The Lawful Quest has a 25 chance of generating a cursed potion of hallucination within the Chamber of Junk.


In dNetHack, the potion of hallucination has some additional possible effects: hallucinating while eating a corpse that grants telepathy adds a point of insight, while quaffing a cursed potion of hallucination reduces your insight by one point. As with SLASH'EM, requesting the item-uncursing service while hallucinating may also cause the item to be blessed instead.

The closet behind the hidden door in the home level of the Madman quest has a potion of hallucination in its pile of items.


In EvilHack, intelligent monsters can be generated with the potion of hallucination as an offensive item, and will throw them at you if possible.