Potion of hallucination

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! Pink potion.png
Name hallucination
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of hallucination can be quaffed to cause hallucination.


Main article: Hallucination

Quaffing blessed potions causes you to hallucinate for fewer turns (300-499), uncursed for a medium number (600-799), and cursed for a long time (900-1099). Potions of hallucination have a base cost of 100 and can be turned into water by #dipping a unicorn horn in them.

Vapors from this potion are harmless and give the message "You have a momentary vision."

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Drinking a potion of hallucination may now give enlightenment. Wielding Grayswandir blocks this effect. The chance of gaining enlightenment is 4 in 9 for a blessed potion, 1 in 6 for an uncursed potion or zero for a cursed potion. This also exercises wisdom.


These potions have very little use (though they are excellent for causing funny messages), and are a generally considered prime candidate for diluting. Still, they are not entirely useless.

One potential use is to #quaff them in place of magic resistance when attacked by a creature with the touch of death, as hallucination protects against that attack.

Another potential use is to informally BUC items with an altar. #quaff a potion of hallucination before BUC testing your item. If you see a flash of light (any color), you know the item is either blessed or cursed. (You should #name it as such.) This method will not allow you to distinguish further between blessed and cursed, see curse testing for ways to do that. If an unBUCed item stacks with this informally BUCed item, you then know that they have the same BUC status. If the item you drop on the altar is uncursed you will not see a flash and it will be formally BUCed. Note: this still breaks atheist conduct, even if you don't end up with a formally BUCed item.

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