Potion of fruit juice

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! Pink potion.png
Name fruit juice
Appearance random
Base price 50 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of fruit juice is simply that: fruit juice.


It adds 10 nutrition if cursed, 20 if uncursed, and 30 if blessed. The amount of nutrition is halved if the potion is diluted.


The potion of see invisible will have the same messages. These potions are therefore difficult to tell apart by random quaffing. Some ways to identify it as a potion of fruit juice include:

  • Fruit juice is sold in a delicatessen; see invisible is not. If you see one of the two in a deli, it's fruit juice. Likewise, if a deli buys the potion, it's fruit juice.
  • Dipping a unicorn horn into a potion of sickness turns it into fruit juice.
  • Dipping an amethyst into a potion of booze turns it into fruit juice.
  • Fruit juice is unaffected by cancellation.
  • If you have become Hungry within the last few turns and that status disappears upon quaffing, it was fruit juice.
  • Fruit juice can be generated by a horn of plenty; see invisible cannot.


These messages use whatever the user-specified fruit is, which is "slime mold" by default.

This tastes like slime mold juice.
The potion was blessed or uncursed.
Yecch! This tastes rotten.
The potion was cursed.
This tastes like reconstituted slime mold juice.
The potion was diluted, and you received only half of the normal nutrition.
This tastes like 10% real slime mold juice all-natural beverage.
You are hallucinating.
This tastes like 10% real reconstituted slime mold juice all-natural beverage.
You are hallucinating, and the potion was diluted.

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