Potion of water

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! Clear potion.png
Name water
Appearance clear potion
Base price varies
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of water is, as one would expect, water. Potions of water can be created by diluting any potion (except acid) twice in a fountain or body of water such as a pool. Water produced this way will always be uncursed.


Quaffing an uncursed potion of water gives you d10 nutrition and displays the message "This tastes like water".

Changing the BUC of an uncursed potion of water can create a potion of holy water or unholy water. Usually this requires dropping the water on an altar and praying.


Main article: wet

If you dip an object into an uncursed potion of water, it will become wet. (Metal objects rust, potions of acid explode, scrolls become blank...) This is typically useless, because you can just dip into a different source of water such as a fountain or pool.

Dipping an object into either holy or unholy water does not make the object wet. In brief, holy water will uncurse or bless an object, while unholy water will unbless or curse an object; then the potion is used up and disappears (or you have one less potion in your stack). You can dip an entire stack of objects each time.


The Guidebook states that every clear potion is a potion of water. Thus water is the one type of potion that you can identify by appearance. (No one expects water to be red or smoky.)

Uncursed potions of water have a base price of 0; they are commonly sold for about 5 zorkmids. Potions of holy water and unholy water have a base price of 100.

Formally identifying any clear potion will provide discoveries knowledge that all clear potions are potions of water. Once discovered, every identified-blessed clear potion is listed as a potion of holy water, while every identified-cursed clear potion is listed as a potion of unholy water.


Many players accumulate potions of water in order to produce large amounts of holy water or unholy water. This is much more useful than dipping items into water or quaffing the water.

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