Ice trap

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^ ice trap File:Ice trap.png
Generates Sheol, trap rooms
Effect Deals cold damage, freezes inventory

The ice trap is a type of trap that appears in UnNetHack.


Ice traps are usually found in Sheol, and rarely also appear in trap rooms.


When you or a monster trigger an ice trap, it shoots a freezing cloud that does 4d4 damage unless the victim have cold resistance. The trap can also destroy potions in open inventory.[1][2]


A freezing cloud shoots from <surface>!
You activated an ice trap.
You are uninjured.
The trap did 0 damage, probably due to you having cold resistance.
A freezing cloud shoots from the <surface> under <monster>!
A monster activated an ice trap.
You see a freezing cloud shoot from the <surface>!
As above, but you could not see the monster.
<monster is uninjured.
The monster had cold resistance and suffered no damage.