Dark elven cloak

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For the armor in dNetHack and notdNetHack, see droven cloak.
[   dark elven cloak  
Appearance spider silk pall
Slot cloak
AC 2
Base price 120 zm
Weight 10
Material spider silk

A dark elven cloak is a type of cloak that appears in EvilHack. It is a magical cloak made of spider silk, and appears as a spider silk pall when unidentified.


Drow characters start the game with knowledge of the dark elven pall. Drow Infidels and Rangers start the game with a dark elven pall.

Drow mercenaries have a 12 chance of generating with a dark elven cloak that counts for 1 point of their target generation AC, while other non-undead drow have a 14 chance of generating with a dark elven cloak.


While worn, a dark elven cloak grants 2 base AC, MC2 and stealth. Drow gain a bonus point of AC while wearing dark elven cloaks, and can safely enchant them to +7.

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