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% Candy bar.png
Name candy bar
Base price 10 zm
Nutrition 100
Turns to eat 1
Weight 2
Conduct vegetarian

A candy bar is a kind of comestible which breaks the vegan conduct. You will sometimes find one randomly in the dungeon.

In food strategy, a candy bar enjoys a high ratio nutrition per weight. At fourth place, it ranks better than a (5th) food ration, but worse than a (2nd) pancake or (2nd) lump of royal jelly. You might save your candy bars until after you eat all of your rations.

Encyclopedia entry

Only once a year, on his birthday, did Charlie Bucket ever
 get to taste a bit of chocolate. The whole family saved up
 their money for that special occasion, and when the great
 day arrived, Charlie was always presented with one small
 chocolate bar to eat all by himself. And each time he
 received it, on those marvelous birthday mornings, he would
 place it carefully in a small wooden box that he owned, and
 treasure it as though it were a bar of solid gold; and for
 the next few days, he would allow himself only to look at it,
 but never to touch it. Then at last, when he could stand it
 no longer, he would peel back a tiny bit of the paper
 wrapping at one corner to expose a tiny bit of chocolate, and
 then he would take a tiny nibble - just enough to allow the
 lovely sweet taste to spread out slowly over his tongue. The
 next day, he would take another tiny nibble, and so on, and
 so on. And in this way, Charlie would make his ten-cent bar
 of birthday chocolate last him for more than a month.

[ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl ]

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