Cancellation (monster spell)

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Cancellation is a monster spell that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM, and functions similarly to the spell of cancellation and wand of cancellation.


Cancellation can be used by any monster that can cast mage spells and is at least level 16. In order to cast the spell, the caster must be lined up with their desired target monster, or else the square where it perceives that monster to be - when cast, monsters caught in the beam and their inventory are subjected to the effects of cancellation, which can be partially blocked by magic resistance or cancellation resistance; cancellation resistance also has a chance of nullifying the effects completely. Monsters will not use this spell if they are peaceful or tame, and hostile monsters will not use it against you if they are unaware of your presence, or else you are in the invulnerability state of a successful prayer.


Cancellation makes the late-game highly perilous for even the most prepared of characters: even with methods of resisting, valuable wands can be drained of charges and weapons and armor can lose their enchantment. Body armor with gray dragon scales remains a popular choice precisely to blunt or event negate the impact of this spell.


<The monster> <evokes/conjures up> a cancellation spell!
A monster cast cancellation at you.
You hear a powerful spell being <spoken/uttered>.
As above, but you cannot see the monster.
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