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Open wounds is the internal name for a clerical monster spell (though it is never referred to in the game as such). This spell can be cast by any monster that uses clerical spells.


This spell will deal (monster's level/2 + 2)d8 damage when cast by a high priest, the Grand Master or the Arch Priest, and (monster's level/2 + 1)d6 when cast by an aligned priest, abbot, acolyte or Master Kaen. [1]

The damage can be halved by half spell damage and by magic resistance; if you have both, you will only suffer one quarter of the damage (rounded up).


Because of the way monsters select their spells, the relative frequency of this spell decreases as the monster's level increases from 1 to 14, but the relative frequency increases as the monster's level increases from 14 to 49.[2] Thus, this spell is a favorite of high-level clerical spellcasting monsters (including Master Kaen and high priests).


Message Damage dealt
"Your skin itches badly for a moment." 0-5
"Wounds appear on your body!" 6-10
"Severe wounds appear on your body!" 11-20
"Your body is covered with painful wounds!" 21+


In SLASH'EM, there are many new spellcasting monsters. For the ones that can cast clerical spells, the damage done by this spell is: (monster's level/2 + 2)d17 for High-elves, (monster's level/2 + 2)d6 for movanic devas, (monster's level/2 + 3)d4 for monadic devas and astral devas, and (monster's level/2 + 1)d6 for gnoll shamans.


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