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This article is about the boss in dNetHack. For the boss in SLASH'EM, see Nightmare (SLASH'EM).
For other uses, see Nightmare (disambiguation).

The Nightmare, u, is a monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is a demonic black unicorn that behaves similarly to other black unicorns, and can even be thrown gems, but is also much stronger and possesses several unique traits.

The Nightmare has a unique headbutt attack that can cause afflictions on targets as if they had applied a cursed unicorn horn, and also has four kick attacks that inflict fire damage. The Nightmare possess fire resistance, sleep resistance and poison resistance.


The Nightmare is only encountered in the Chaos Temple Quest, where it is randomly placed in the Earth Temple.

The Nightmare does not leave a corpse upon death: unless it was killed in a manner that would not ordinarily leave a corpse (e.g. disintegration, digesting, hitting it with a Silver Flame weapon at any point), they will drop Nighthorn.


As with many other monsters in the Chaos Temple Quest, Nightmare is based on a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series of games that often inflicts status debuffs on the player's party - this monster is in turn based on the nightmare from Dungeons & Dragons.

The Final Fantasy Nightmare makes its debut in the first Final Fantasy game, where a fixed encounter against the monster occurs in the Citadel of Trials, and it also appears in the Chaos Shrine of the past.

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