Leprechaun (monster class)

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For the monster, see Leprechaun.

The leprechaun is a monster class that appears in NetHack, and is represented by a lowercase l glyph (l). Leprechauns are designated internally by the macro S_LEPRECHAUN.[1]

The leprechaun is the only member of the monster class.[2]


Leprechaun halls are special rooms filled with sleeping leprechaun monsters - each one on top of a pile of gold in a similar manner to a treasure zoo.


The leprechaun first appears in Hack for PDP-11, a variant of Jay Fenlason's Hack, and is included in the initial bestiary for Hack 1.0. In early versions such as this and NetHack 1.3d, leprechuans used the L glyph and had slightly different behavior: they would still attack players that closed in as they attempted to keep their distance.


Some variants opt to further populate the leprechaun monster class so that it has more than one member. In addition, variants featuring an object materials system commonly give members of the leprechaun monster class the ability to steal gold items.


SLASH'EM introduces one new monster to the monster class:


SlashTHEM retains the leprechaun wizard and adds a few monsters to the monster class:

Almost all of them have teleportitis and a gold theft attack - the sole exception is the pooka, which lacks any gold-stealing abilities but still has an item theft attack.


Hack'EM adds one new monster to the monster class: