Leprechaun hall

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A leprechaun hall is a special room filled with sleeping leprechauns and gold.


On an ordinary rooms and corridors level of at least dungeon level 6 which doesn't have a shop or throne room, there is a 1/8 chance of a leprechaun hall being generated.[1]

Leprechaun halls will not be generated if leprechauns are genocided or extinct.


You enter a leprechaun hall!


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If all the leprechauns wake up, it can be annoying to hunt them down all over the level. If you have stealth, you can fight them one-by-one. Bring a bag to store all your gold, and all the gold you'll have to pick up from the leprechaun hall.

Leprechaun halls, and other special rooms with sleeping monsters, can be used to train polearms skill. Instead of attacking the leprechauns adjacent to you, pound a leprechaun surrounded by sleeping leprechauns. The leprechaun will be helpless to strike back and unable to escape, unless they were generated with a defensive item or offensive item.

It may be worth keeping the leprechauns alive and undisturbed until you have teleport control or at least a tinning kit, so that you can eat them for teleportitis when you're ready.