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Members of the kobold monster class are represented by k. This class has four members, described below.

All kobolds are poisonous to eat, but do not convey poison resistance. Each kobold has a 25% probability of being generated with 3-14 darts.[1] In German mythology, Kobolds normally start out as benevolent nix, but are either ignored or angered by humans, causing them to act out, or in this case, attack.

Kobolds will "grunt" when #chatted to, and will pick up and equip appropriate weapons and armor.


An ordinary kobold is one of the easiest monsters in the game.

Large kobold

Kobolds can grow up into large kobolds.[2]

Kobold lord

Large kobolds can grow up into kobold lords.[3]

Kobold shaman

The kobold shaman is among the lowest-level spellcasting monsters in NetHack. If generated at its base level, it can't actually cast anything, as monster level 2 gives no chance of success with monster spells. A level 3 kobold shaman has a 13 chance of successfully casting psi bolt, cure self, or haste self.



Main article: Kobold (SLASH'EM)

SLASH'EM introduces several new kobolds:


In UnNetHack, kobolds will attack any elves they see, and vice versa, as part of Nephi's grudge patch.

Encyclopedia entry

The race of kobolds are reputed to be an artificial creation
of a master wizard (demi-god?). They are about 3' tall with
a vaguely dog-like face. They bear a violent dislike of the
Elven race, and will go out of their way to cause trouble
for Elves at any time.


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