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Do they get/like Cockatrice eggs

I have got the impression, that Kobolds often throw Cockatrice eggs at you. I'm not sure if theese are their starting inventory or they just picked them up. They also seem to pick up any Egg they find in the Dungeon, that they let hatch (if not Cockatrice). This leads to messages like "a centipede drops out of the Kobolds pack". As I remember, whenever something throwed a Cockatrice Egg at me it always was a Kobold. Is this just coincidence or intended ? I found nothing in the code, or spoilers related to staring inventory. -- 22:05, 3 May 2013 (UTC)

  • Monster_starting_inventory and spoiler.
  • Some monsters like objects in general and will pick up anything monmove.c, line 708. Perhaps kobolds belong to this set.
  • I can't find the section on ranged attacks and throwing eggs, either. ((Source:Monmove.c#line532 might be a reasonable starting place).
  • Egg hatching does not care where the egg actually is, as long as it's not inside a container. So a kobold qualifies. --Tjr (talk) 03:00, 4 May 2013 (UTC)