Wand of slow monster

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Name slow monster
Appearance random
Abundance 5%
Base price 150 zm
Weight 7
Type beam
Maximum charges 8
Spell slow monster
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A wand of slow monster is a wand that will make monsters slow down (take more turns to move or attack).


This is an excerpt from Spl1-343.txt:

Zap monster

The monster becomes slow, or normal speed if fast. If you are engulfed by a vortex or air elemental, you are expelled. Some monsters may resist.

"You disrupt <monster>! A huge hole opens up..." (expelled) "<Monster> seems to be moving slower." (slowed, not swallowed)

Zap self

If you currently have the speed intrinsic, it is lost.

"You slow down" (not wearing speed boots) "Your quickness feels less natural." (wearing speed boots)


It can be identified by engraving: it will make the bugs on the ground slow down. Note that the wand of death and the wand of sleep both make the bugs stop completely, thus you can distinguish them from this wand.


Generally speaking, a wand of slow monster is not very useful; writing Elbereth in the dust is usually a better way of dealing with fast monsters, and attack wands are usually better for fighting monsters that don't respect Elbereth. However, there are a handful of very nasty foes in NetHack that are immune to a wand of death or wand of sleep, can easily close the distance to you, and/or have very disabling or insta-death attacks. In particular, angelic beings, liches, Vlad the Impaler, and many quest nemeses are good uses for this wand, as well as any powerful monster you are otherwise forced to fight in melee.

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