Wooden harp

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( Harp.png
Name wooden harp
Appearance harp
Base price 50 zm
Weight 30
Material wood
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A wooden harp is a type of musical instrument that appears in NetHack. It is tonal and made of wood, and appears as just a harp when unidentified.

For Samurai, the wooden harp is called a koto.


Applying a wooden harp will play it; improvising will typically cause it to "twang", while trying to play specific notes produces a "strange sound", and both have no effect beyond exercising dexterity.[1] If you are not confused, there is a chance that it will instead play "a lilting melody" that pacifies any nymphs nearby; for this to occur, the sum of your experience level and a randomly rolled number between 0 and your current dexterity stat must exceed 25.[2]


The wooden harp is easily and safely distinguished from a magic harp by attempting to play it - playing a magic harp with charges produces "very attractive music" and tame nearby monsters.

As a tonal instrument, it can be used to play the passtune to enter the Castle. Outside of this, wooden harps are mainly used as polyfodder.