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SpliceHack-Rewrite is the next version of SpliceHack (1.0.0). It is a fresh codebase built on a newer version of vanilla NetHack.

The repository is available at https://github.com/NullCGT/SpliceHack-Rewrite.

Major changes:

  • No more techniques, they were too buggy. Role-specific skills will be implemented to fulfill a similar conceptual niche.
  • Boring and uneventful things, such as cooking, moonstones, and many monsters, are also gone.
  • For further details, see the README and the changelog.
  • YANIs can be posted to etherpad, with no guarantees or warranties implied.
  • Many SpliceHack wiki pages may need to be replaced, overhauled, or deleted when the Rewrite is ready. Again, referring to the changelog and readme are your best sources, or of course diving the details of the commits on Github.

Rules Changes

The following table details the largest general differences between SpliceHack-Rewrite and Vanila NetHack. Reading them is heavily encouraged for new players. Details are kept intentionally vague on this page, in order to avoid spoilers.

Category Rules Changes Gameplay Outcomes
Cursed Items
  • Cursed weapons no longer weld themselves to the wielder's hands. Rather, a cursed weapon will occasionally produce strange effects when swung, such as spontaneously breaking, or hitting the wielder in the face.
  • After killing enough monsters with a weapon, the weapon will automatically identify itself.
Testing weapons you find on the ground is much less risky, encouraging experimentation, but curses on weapons in the late game are much more dangerous and impactful.
  • Converting a cross-aligned altar will always result in a hostile minion being summoned.
Converting altars is much more risky.
  • There are seven elemental planes in the endgame, rather than four.
The endgame is longer, and more scrolls of gold detection may be necessary.
  • After praying away starvataion multiple times, the prayer timeout permanently increases. This increase grows larger with each successive hunger prayer.
  • While the player is experience level one, they hunger much more slowly.
  • Food item and corpse generation are extremely rare in most new branches.
  • Food item generation in Gehennom is greatly reduced.
Starving to death in the early game is less likely, but time pressure later in the game is more intense. Additionally, exploring a branch may cost the player precious time.
  • Monsters gain a large bonus to their to-hit roll when an ally is located on the opposite side of the player.
  • Any non-tame monster that kills another monster will instantly grow up, regardless of level limitations.
Positioning in combat is critical.