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Cooking is a defunct skill in SpliceHack. Players could use cooking to alter their food for useful benefits.


Cooking used the same mechanics as erosion. This meant that items that could be cooked were vulnerable to fire damage. Whenever a player or monster was dealt fire damage, there is a chance that their cookable items were affected. Items that could be cooked include:

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Corpses (except as specified below).

Invalid items include:

  • Processed food.
  • Corpses that are unsolid.
  • Corpses that are amorphous.
  • Corpses of undead.
  • Corpses of monsters that like fire.
  • Inedible items.

There were three levels of cooking: Cooked, burnt, and crispy. It was possible to wish for food that could not be cooked by specifying that it be "uncookable," but no such items (aside from those already invalid) were naturally generated during the course of the game.

Monsters killed via fire usually left burned corpses. Cooked/burned corpses could not be sacrificed. Rotten and homemade tinned food was considered to be uncooked, but all other tins found by the player were treated as having a random amount of cooking. Corpses found in ice boxes had a small chance of being cooked.

Cooking in front of a monster of the same race as the corpse being cooked would cause them to become angry.

Consuming cooked food

Cooking food modified the nutrition it provides, as well as the chance of gaining an intrinsic from a corpse. Cooked food was more beneficial than uncooked food, while burnt food was less beneficial.

Cooking Level Nutrition Intrinsic Gain
Uncooked 100% 100%
Cooked 120% 120%
Burnt 50% 100%
Crispy 25% 100%

How to cook

Cooking was as easy as standing on the same tile as a furnace, using the #cook extended command, and selecting a valid item. There was a 1 / 1 + [cooking skill] chance that a mishap occured, causing the item to immediately become burned or crispy. If a mishap did not occur, the food would become cooked. The message that appeared depends on the cooking skill of the player.

Cooking skill

Max Role

Cooking skill and intelligence were both exercised every time the player cooks a corpse using a furnace.

Special corpses

Some corpses produced YAFM or an interesting effect when cooked.

You thoroughly defrost your winter wolf corpse.
Appears when cooking a winter wolf. The winter wolf corpse transforms into a wolf corpse instead of being cooked.
The giant skunk corpse explodes in your hands!
Appears when cooking a giant skunk. The corpse is destroyed, the player's intelligence is abused, and a large cloud of poison gas surrounds the player.
Yum, fried chicken!
Appears when cooking any sort of cockatrice corpse. This is considered interacting with the corpse for the purposes of stoning.
You get the sense that may have been a bad idea...
Appears when trying to cook the Wizard of Yendor. This prompts immediate harassment by the Wizard of Yendor.
That's some good 'burg.
Appears when cooking a cow.
Mold covers the furnace!
Appears when cooking a brown mold. The brown mold immediately revives.