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During SpliceHack's development, several features have been removed. In particular, SpliceHack 1.0.0 was a rewrite that removed a large number of features from earlier versions.

List of defunct monsters

Monster Notes
a brood wasp replaced by giant ichneumon
a baby brood wasp replaced by ichneumon larva
d memory hound
d thought hound
d nova fox replaced by vulpenferno
d alpha werewolf
d Drauglir unique, found in the Dark Forest
@/f werecat defined only for players
@/q werephant
w corpseworm
Q mad alchemist replaced by alchemist
Q amalgamation
Q bad clone
Q Failure Eidolon unique, found in the Icy Wastes
R substance warper replaced by transmuter
S lindorm
@ martial master replaced by grandmaster
z bone beast replaced by bonewalker
' sludge golem
@ master of cats
& nuckelavee
& headless horseman replaced by headless rider
& desert jinn replaced by jann
7 Envy
7 Wrath
7 Sloth
7 Pride
7 Greed
7 Gluttony
7 Lust
; elder kraken replaced by thing from below
f cheshire cat
h dwarf wrestler
o golbin windmage
N dream thief
q earthshark replaced by landshark
q walrus
q boar
r mutated ratman replaced by ratman squeaker
r giant skunk replaced by skunk
w death maggot replaced by maggot
w acid worm
w vent wurm
w crevasse wurm
x mystic scarab
A minor angel monster corresponding to the Angel (starting race)
A Avatar of Akasha
A <alignment> Deific Avatar Could be Lawful, Chaotic or Neutral
A Avenger Archon replaced by Hound Archon
B hellbat
B baby penguin
B penguin
B emperor penguin
B tuxedo penguin
E storm elemental
E Time Elemental Dancer quest nemesis
F legendary lichen
F myconid scout
F myconid warrior
F myconid reaver
F myconid elder
F brown mold warrior replaced by brown moldier
F yellow mold warrior replaced by yellow moldier
F green mold warrior replaced by green moldier
F red mold warrior replaced by red moldier
G gnomish psychic replaced by gnomish psyker
9 anubite had different stats than in dNetHack
H hundred handed one had six weapon attacks and a massive multishot bonus
L lawyer possibly a reference to ZAPM
L lord of worms
M changeling mummy an undead shapeshifter
# walking oak
# walking birch
# walking willow
# giant sundew
# creeping kudzu dnethack inspired
# wandering cactus
# crazy cactus
# ancient thornswell
P Ancient Brain unique, found in the Mysterious Laboratory
Z changeling zombie
Z crawling cemetery
@ ulsfark
A changeling
@ dark knight
@ dancer Dancer player monster
@ backup dancer Dancer quest guardian
@ Lord of the Cards replaced by the King of Games

List of defunct branches and levels

The Void

The Void was a new branch that contained numerous deadly monsters, including a void dragon, and a large number of portals that link to other dungeon branches. Entering the portal which one entered the void through would not necessarily lead to the same entrance. The void could be accessed via a portal located one level above the castle. The Void was introduced before version 0.4.0, disabled in version 0.4.0, reworked and reintroduced in version 0.6.0, and removed in version 0.8.0.


This level looked like a regular dungeon level, but contained a cockatrice in one of the rooms, and a total of 20 statue traps spread throughout the level. One of the statues contained a wand of wonder. Appeared with 40% probability in levels 18–20. In version 1.0.0 the statuary special level has been replaced by the themed room of the same name.

Icy Wastes

The Icy Wastes contained a large number of cold-based monsters, including the Failure Eidolon. Useful loot included a pair of earmuffs and an orb of permafrost. This level was accessed via a portal located somewhere on levels 15–22. It was removed in version 1.0.0.[1]

Dark Forest

The Dark Forest was filled with an enormous number of werecreatures, including some that were unique to that level, such as a werebear, a werecockatrice, and Drauglir. The Dark Forest was the only way aside from wishing to obtain a moonstone. It was removed in version 1.0.0.[2]

Drinking Hall

Contained a large number of dwarven revelers, and was presided over by two storm giants. Notable loot included several kegs and a large number of potions of booze. This level was accessed via an upward staircase on the level above Mines' End. It was removed in version 1.0.0 and replaced with The Bar.[3]

Mysterious Laboratory

The Mysterious Laboratory was the home of the Ancient Brain, and contained a small number of random potions and spellbooks. It was accessed via a downward staircase located in levels 20–24. It was removed in version 1.0.0.[4]

List of defunct items


Item Notes
) windmill blade only found in junk shops
) bone knife replaced with sacrificial knife
) grain scythe replaced with scythe
) razor whip
) The Power Pole dancer quest artifact


Item Type Notes
[ helm of opaque thoughts helm replaced with tinfoil hat
[ purple dragon scales body armor replaced with violet dragon scales
[ purple dragon scale mail body armor replaced with violet dragon scale mail
[ second skin cloak provides regeneration and causes hunger.
[ robe of the blood magus cloak granted the power of blood magic, would autocurse and create a blood pudding if player had low health
[ robe of stasis cloak granted unchanging, could not be polymorphed, erodeproof
[ flowing dress shirt replaced with dress
[ green gown shirt replaced with gown, rarely dropped by baobhan-sith
[ snappy tuxedo shirt replaced with tuxedo
[ iron mantle cloak provides 3 AC, heavy
[ shield of resonance shield replaced by resonant shield


Item Notes
( medical kit originally from SLASH'EM.
( orb of permafrost found in the Icy Wastes, could be thrown once to deal massive cold damage to a monster
( pair of earmuffs caused deafness


Item Notes
scroll of warding words created an engraving that would explode when read by you or another creature; this could anger peaceful monsters. This engraving was randomized each game, and would explode regardless of how it was created. Cursed scrolls would cause you to read the engraving.
scroll of genocide replaced with scroll of annihilation
scroll of web allowed you to place a web in a location. Cursed scrolls caused you to web yourself. Reading while confused would summon some spiders
scroll of warp armor replaced with scroll of change material
scroll of warp weapon replaced with scroll of change material


Item Type Notes
potion of vampire blood potion originally from SLASH'EM, replaced with potion of vampire essence
ring of blood magic ring granted the power of blood magic
ring of memory ring protected against amnesia
spellbook of web spellbook similar effect to scroll of web
moonstone stone found in the Dark Forest, would provide light with radius based on the phase of the moon

List of defunct starting races

List of other defunct features