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This article is about the SpliceHack monster. For SLASH'EM quest nemesis, see Transmuter.

In SpliceHack a transmuter is a monster that can change the material of items.

The transmuter's claw attack will change the material of your armor. If you aren't wearing armor, your worn rings might be affected.[1]

The transmuter's passive attack will warp the material of items and weapons used to strike it, including pounding with polearms and lances as well as attacking with gloved hands.[2]


Uncontrolled material changes are undesirable, so in most cases transmuters should be fought with ranged weapons or spells.

However sometimes changing an object material is useful. In SpliceHack an armor's material can affect its AC, and there are damage bonuses for using weapons made of iron, copper and silver. Some materials such as mithril are also immune to erosion. A scroll of change material exists, but scrolls are single-use. An alternative option is to wield the item that needs to be warped, wear some junk, and repeatedly hit the transmuter in melee until you get the material you want.


Your [item] warps!
The transmuter's passive attack changed the material of your item.[3]
That's odd, you don't remember putting on a [material] [armor]...
The transmuter's claw attack changed the material of your armor.[4]


Early versions of SpliceHack had a monster called a substance warper, which was renamed to transmuter in version 0.7.1.[5]

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