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Sin, represented overall by the character 7, is a defunct monster class in SpliceHack that encompassed the Seven Deadly Sins. They were removed on or before SpliceHack 1.0.0.

All sins were unique and only encountered in the endgame. Each of the planes contained one of the seven sins, determined randomly, at a random location. Fighting them was optional, and it was generally preferable to avoid them, due to their high level and exceedingly nasty attacks.

All of the sins were capable of following the player through portals.


Wrath was a dangerous physical combatant with a high damage output. He was fast, able to jump, and could hit the player from two squares away using his spiked chain. Due to his high speed and varied forms of movement, Wrath was one of the sins it is more likely for the player to encounter.

Wrath was generated with the following items:

  • 20 knives
  • Plate mail
  • Spiked chain. This spiked chain is made of whatever material the player's race is vulnerable to, if any.


Sloth was slow and easy to avoid, but very difficult to destroy and potentially deadly when fought in melee. Sloth had regeneration and revived as a troll does.


Pride was unsolid and would phase through walls to approach the player. Their psychic attack could potentially confuse their target.


Greed did a large amount of damage and could steal items, gold pieces, and energy from the player, but was otherwise unremarkable.


Lust was not terribly dangerous on their own, but could make fighting a group of monsters very difficult. Lust possessed calming, tickling, seduction, and disarming attacks, and an encounter could potentially leave the player very vulnerable.


Gluttony had a potentially deadly digestion attack and could inflict hunger on the player.


Envy was the most frequently encountered of the sins, and potentially the most annoying for the player. Their multiple intrinsic-stealing attacks could deprive players of crucial resistances during the endgame, and their covetous nature made them almost impossible to avoid. Unlike the other sins, Envy is not immune to petrification.