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Angels are a race in SpliceHack. They have the flying intrinsic, which is extremely convenient, but suffer from poor maximum stats except for charisma, and have intrinsic aggravate monster.

They can be Archaeologists, Healers, Knights, Priests, Rangers, Valkyries, or Wizards.


Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
18 18 16 18 18 20



All demons, including demon lords, are immediately hostile to angels. This makes traversing Gehennom with an angelic character very dangerous.


Angels begin the game with a halo. This halo provides protection and 1 AC. The halo cannot be removed, except by falling from grace.

Falling from Grace

At the beginning of the game, angels receive three edicts:

  • Do not steal.
  • Do not harm the innocent.
  • Do not engage in amorous activities with demons.

If the angel violates any of these edicts, they will fall from grace. They take a large penalty to their alignment, their halo vanishes, they polymorph into a fallen angel, and they gain intrinsic unchanging. Additionally, archons will spawn in the endgame in place of the seven sins.

Falling from grace can be a strategic option. Fallen angels are always greater to or equal to the level of the player when they fell, and have multiple attacks per turn. Additionally, some players may find it preferable to face archons in the endgame instead of the sins.