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A parrot is a monster introduced in SLASH'EM. It can be tamed with vegan food. It is slightly better in combat than a large dog, but cannot be reared from a smaller form. Due to what may be an oversight, it does not fly: do not displace it into water or lava!


Parrots (as well as cockatoos) have some interesting things to say. Chatting with them produces one of the following messages:

<monster> squaarks louldly![1]
<monster> says 'Polly want a lembas wafer!'
<monster> says 'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!'
<monster> says 'Who's a good boy, then?'
<monster> says 'Show us yer knickers!'
<monster> says 'You'll never make it!'
<monster> whistles suggestively!
<monster> says 'What sort of a sword do you call that!'


The Pirate patch adds a parrot which flies, as a possible starting pet for the Pirate role.

In Slash'EM Extended, which incorporates the Pirate patch while using SLASH'EM as a base, this creature, which belongs to the B class of monsters, is known as an airborne parrot to distinguish it from the flightless c class creature retained from SLASH'EM.


  1. It is misspelled in the source code, see SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2/sounds.c#line664