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Cold resistance is a fairly important resistance to have. It will protect against most cold attacks and reduce slipping on ice. However, most cold attacks will still freeze potions, destroying them.

Cold resistance is fairly easy to obtain through eating corpses. White dragons provide cold resistance, as do most "cold" monsters, like blue jellies and winter wolves. The Valkyrie starts out with intrinsic cold resistance, being from the frigid Northlands, and Monks get cold resistance at XL 13; any character may gain resistance by crowning. Extrinsic sources of cold resistance include white dragon scales, white dragon scale mail, and the ring of cold resistance, as well as Frost Brand when wielded.

Monsters that are resistant to cold but not to fire are considered vulnerable to fire and take double damage from fireballs[1] and 7 more points of damage from rays of fire.[2] This never applies to your character, even while polymorphed.


Intrinsic cold resistance can be obtained from eating the following corpses and globs:

Monster Conduct Difficulty Chance Notes
brown mold vegan 2 3%
gray ooze vegetarian 4 7% acidic
brown pudding vegetarian 6 7% acidic
black pudding meaty 12 7% acidic
gelatinous cube vegan 6 10% acidic
flesh golem meaty 10 12%
blue jelly vegan 5 13%
Chromatic Dragon meaty 23 17% poisonous, Caveman quest nemesis
winter wolf cub meaty 7 33%
yeti meaty 7 33%
frost giant meaty 13 33%
winter wolf meaty 9 47%
ice troll meaty 12 60%
white dragon meaty 20 100%


You feel full of hot air.
You gained intrinsic cold resistance by eating a corpse or tin.
You feel warm!
You gained intrinsic cold resistance by gaining a level.
You feel cooler!
You lost intrinsic cold resistance due to level drain or a gremlin attack.
You feel mildly chilly.
You were frozen, but suffered no damage due to cold resistance.

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