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A gypsy is a monster which only appears in SLASH'EM. Gypsies are human, and are represented by a @.

Chatting with a gypsy can be very useful, provided you have luck, money, and time.

When chatting to a gypsy, these choices will show themselves:

Fortune telling

The gypsy reads your fortune and charges you 50 credit. The effects of this are determined by the card.

Cards with an effect

Card Image Effect
Zero of trumps The Fool You lose one point wisdom and 3 points of Luck.
1 of trumps The Magician Reveals the location of the portal to the Wizard's Tower if you haven't killed him, otherwise resurrects him and teleports him to your current location.
2 of trumps The High Priestess "I see a high altar on level <level of Moloch's Sanctum>" if you don't have the Amulet of Yendor, otherwise "I see a high altar in the heavens..."
3 of trumps The Oracle "I see an Oracle on level <oracle level>".
4 of trumps The Lovers A foocubus of the opposite sex appears.
5 of trumps The Chariot "For 5000 credit I will teleport you to a level of your choosing!"
6 of trumps Strength Gain one point strength and provides half physical damage for 500–1000 turns.
7 of trumps The Hermit "You feel like hiding"; Gives teleportitis for 300–600 turns and invisibility for 500–1000 turns.
8 of trumps The Wheel of Fortune "You feel lucky"; Increases Luck by 3.
9 of trumps Justice Summons an erinys if not extinct.
10 of trumps Punishment You become punished if you are not already punished. If you are punished, does the curse items monster spell against you.
11 of trumps The Devil The voice of Moloch booms: "Thou shalt pay for thy indiscretion!" A <demon name> of Moloch appears before you.
12 of trumps Sorcery Gain one point of your role's spellcasting stat (either wisdom or intelligence) and provides half spell damage for 500–1000 turns.
13 of trumps Death Does a touch of death against you.
14 of trumps The Tower Gives the location of Vlad's Tower.
15 of trumps The Star "The gypsy reaches behind your head and pulls out a <gem>." You receive a precious gem, based on the month as described below. There is a 16 chance of getting two gems. This will automatically identify the gem.
16 of trumps The Moon Resets and gives the current phase of the moon, changing Luck to match the possibly new moon phase.
18 of trumps The Judgment "I see a quest on level <quest level>"
19 of trumps Infinity "For 10000 credit I will grant you a wish". If accepted, she gets canceled (can be checked with a stethoscope). The next time Infinity is drawn the gypsy disappears, "I wish I wasn't here!".

Note: For levelport or wish to work, you need enough credit. Otherwise you'll only get the message "what a pity that I can't accept gold", and nothing will happen.

The gypsy has a deck of 72 cards that is used for fortunes and ninety-nine (but not three card monte). If the deck is exhausted the gypsy will reshuffle the deck. It is therefore possible to go through the entire deck of cards to get the wish. You need 3,600 credit to go through the entire deck of cards and will also need some way to deal with the negative effects, especially the touch of death. If playing during the month of April, however, the gems received through "The Star" will always be greater than the cost of going through the entire deck, giving players the option of repeatedly going through the entire deck (refusing to accept the wish each time) to slowly collect diamonds, as well as the other positive effects.

Gems that a gypsy can give you with "The Star"

Month Gem Value
January Garnet 700
February Amethyst 600
March Aquamarine 1500
April Diamond 4000
May Emerald 2500
June Opal 800
July Ruby 3500
August Chrysoberyl 700
September Sapphire 3000
October Black opal 2500
November Topaz 900
December Turquoise 2000

Cards which do nothing, but have a message

Card Image Message
2 of rings Change Your powers will be put to the test soon
3 of rings Works You will meet new challenges
4 of rings Power Your strength will aid you greatly in times to come
5 of rings Worry Your worst nightmares will come true
8 of rings Prudence Next full moon is an excellent time to try to please your god
9 of rings Gain Your wishes will become true
3 of swords Sorrow Your relationships will be shaky
6 of swords Science Your intellect will aid you soon
7 of swords Futility You should stop trying to bend fate
9 of swords Cruelty The cards are stacked against you.
10 of swords Ruin When the full moon rises terrible things will happen to you.
2 of wands Dominion You must not let evil overcome you
3 of wands Virtue Keep active or woe will overcome you
4 of wands Completion You should stick to your path
5 of wands Strife When Mars is out, it will be a time of bloodshed for you
6 of wands Victory If you stick to your path, great things will happen to you
7 of wands Valour Your strength will be put to the test in coming times
9 of wands Adjustment Beware, it will not be a safe time for you next full moon
2 of shields Love You should work on your relationships.
5 of shields Disappointment Disappointment waits for you around the corner
6 of shields Pleasure The full moon is the time for you to develop relationships
7 of shields Debauch You will meet someone tall, dark and handsome
8 of shields Indolence Your god will be short tempered during the new moon
9 of shields Happiness Your dreams will come true
17 of trumps The Sun "It is the witching hour. Beware of the undead!" if it's midnight, "It is nighttime. Beware of creatures of the night!" if it's nighttime, "It is daytime. Shouldn't you be working?" if it's daytime

Cards which do nothing

All others.

Three card Monte

The aim of this game is simple: you choose a card, and the card might or might not be the right one. If you choose the right card, you win your bet in credit. Whether or not you win is based on your Luck and your previous games' results. You are guaranteed to win the first game you play.


Each player draws three cards at the beginning of the game. Players take turns playing cards, drawing after each turn. Non-trump and non-face cards add to the total score, with a maximum of 99, and a minimum of 0 (see below for other card effects). If your opponent cannot play a card, you win.

Card Effect Strategy
Kings Put the score to ninety-nine Can always be played
Queens and Jacks Diminish the points by 10 Cannot be played unless score is above 10
The Fool Can't be played Will stay till the end of the game in your hand
All other trumps Don't do anything to the points Always safe to play
All the other cards Add their value to score Cannot exceed 99 points if played.

Note that the cards held in hand or played in the last game of ninety-nine will be taken out of the deck when you ask for the gypsy to read your fortune. The gypsy shuffles the deck at the start of each game.

Pawn gems

This allows you to sell identified gems for credit. The gypsy gives you the base price of the gem as credit. Gems pawned in this way are not transferred to the gypsy's inventory, but are rather destroyed. Thus it is not possible to pawn a large number of gems in the hopes of getting a wish and recover the gems by killing the gypsy afterwards.


In general, the main use of gypsies is to gain wishes. In doing this, magic resistance is crucial; one does not know when the death card will come up. It is also advisable to have a means of removing punishment and restoring Luck, although these are less pressing concerns. It is a good idea to call a gypsy who has given you a wish, so that you do not accidentally waste more gems on her. In doubt, check with the stethoscope if she is canceled, in that case, she indeed gave a wish.

Be very careful not to anger gypsies; they are very high-level spellcasters and can steal intrinsics in the manner of a gremlin. You cannot recover gold or gems given to them from killing them, so it is almost never worth it to do so yourself. (Having a powerful pet kill them is substantially safer.) They will gladly curse your items, summon nasties, and possibly even perform a touch of death on you without reading your fortune should you anger them.

It is possible to get up to 120 wishes from gypsies without any gems, and even with a very small amount of gold. All you will need is a cursed scroll of genocide. You can obtain it by any method—write it as wizard with high Luck, find it and curse with unholy water, etc. You can also just find a randomly generated gypsy, and use her wish for two cursed scrolls of genocide (or a magic marker).

When you have a cursed scroll of genocide, find any small, safe area—Sokoban is a good choice. Now, use your scroll to reverse genocide gypsies. Choose a gypsy and call her something. For your first game ever, you can bet all your money—you will always win—but note that this means only your character's first game ever, not your first game with that particular gypsy. Afterward, bet 1 zorkmid until you see the message "You win! Wasn't that easy" (do not pick the same card twice in a row, though). Then, bet most of your gold and credit with that particular gypsy—there is very good chance of winning this time,[1] because of the characteristics of rnl function. Repeat until you have at least 13,600 credit. Now, have her read your fortune until you get a wish. Remember that you have to be able to deal with a number of negative effects—make sure you have a blessed and preferably highly-enchanted unicorn horn, magic resistance, the ability to defeat demons, a means of restoring Luck, etc.

Once you get a wish from a particular gypsy, she can never give you another wish; however, because you called her something, you can tell that she won't give you a wish again. You might want to call her "Building up credit/reading fortune" as you are doing so, and "Gave me a wish" once she does, so that her status will be unambiguous if you should get interrupted.