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Webbing is an attack effect used by some monsters in dNetHack. When these attacks connect with a target, they create a web trap at the target's location, entangling the target. ("The webbing sticks to you. You're caught!")

While these attacks do no hit point damage, their immobilizing effect can be a serious obstacle to fighting or escaping a difficult situation.

Some examples of monsters that use webbing attacks are high-level spiders and spider hybrids that try to ensnare you with a melee kick attack, and web-covered drow monsters that entangle you when you strike them in melee.

Monster Attack Type
Mirkwood spider Kick
Mirkwood elder Kick
Demonic black widow Kick
Sprow Kick
Drider Kick, Spit
Priestess of Ghaunadaur Kick
Drow mummy Passive
Embraced drowess Passive

While their attacks are coded differently, the edderkop's shadow bolts create web traps at their targets, and the Avatar of Lolth has a seduction attack which results in webbing.

If you get webbed while riding, you will fall from your steed. Note that if your steed or other pet becomes caught in a newly created web, trying to untrap it may cause a new web to appear on your tile.


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The same strategies used to deal with the webs generated in vanilla are also applicable to extricating yourself from and cleaning up the webs left by monster attacks.

If you are encountering many monsters with webbing attacks (for example, on a quest), it may be worthwhile to name Sting and wield it to cut yourself free, at the cost of incrementing the number of artifacts that have been created. High strength (natural or obtained from gauntlets of power) can also help you tear free from webs.