Avatar of Lolth

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The Avatar of Lolth appears in dNethack in her lair, the Demonweb.

She is generated with the artifact "Scourge of Lolth" and well-enchanted armor.

She uses a custom seduction attack that rolls against your CHA and INT. Failing this check results in her either doing a poisonous bite that will instakill an unresistant player, or a level-draining bite. Passing the check results in a number of powerful rewards, including granting a wish to the player or giving intrinsic to-hit and damage bonuses.

Her spellcasting is special for players who have the droven pantheon and thus have Lolth as their chaotic god. In this case, the Avatar of Lolth's spellcasting angers Lolth, who may then smite you.